Historic J.A. Lamy MFG Co. Sign

Lamy's Building

The new Lamy’s Building is a beautiful combination of our historic past blended with the experiential living of the modern twenty-first century. It is like nothing you have ever experienced, and as comfortable as a place you have spent your entire life. Apartments and offices on the third and second floors, respectively, beckon those with a penchant for uniqueness and luxury. The restaurants, bar, and social spaces of the first floor invite everyone in our community and from afar to come enjoy Sedalia’s friendly spirit, vibrant culinary scene, and historic vibe.


People enjoying a meal at Lamys

Play at Lamy's

The businesses on the first floor of the new Lamy’s are a special part of what makes this building a community. Each space has been purposefully integrated with adjacent spaces so that patrons can flow from one to another to another.


A kitchen inside one of the Lamys apartments.

Live at Lamy's

Residence at Lamy’s offers a unique community for Sedalia. Between the history of the building to the curated high-end finishes, Lamy’s apartments offer the perfect place for people at any stage of their life.


Large Office Space Being Renovated

Work at Lamy's

Our offices at Lamy’s offer head-to-toe customization. Whiteboxed, each office is a blank slate only characterized by the history of Lamy’s itself. Add your own business’ style to the growing community on the north side of downtown.