Shop, Eat and Drink

New Restaurants & Shops in Downtown Sedalia, MO

The businesses on the first floor of the new Lamy’s are a special part of what makes this building a community. Each space has been purposefully integrated with adjacent spaces so that patrons can flow from one to another to another.

Drinks and food on a bar top

No. 5 Bistro & Bar

On the opposite end of the first floor of Lamy’s from the Ox Horn Market will be our unique dining restaurant, No. 5 Bistro & Bar. Located in the former offices and pattern making facilities of the Lamy Manufacturing Company, No. 5 Bistro & Bar will offer cool, casual, American cuisine in a relaxed, fun environment. The bar will offer a lively environment in which patrons can enjoy one of our craft cocktail offerings or partake in a traditional favorite beverage of one’s choice. No. 5 customers can enjoy a wonderful outdoor patio with outdoor games, or may choose to take their beverage and wander the racks of records and books in Josey Records.

Eat & Drink

Shelves of books and records

Josey Books & Records

Josey Records is the coolest. Like its namesake in Dallas, Josey Records Sedalia has a vibe that carries the space. There is something therapeutic about spending time flipping through racks of vinyl records looking at the album cover art and reminiscing.

Offerings will include new and used albums, DVD’s, CD’s and books. Buy, Sell, Trade.



Venue Rental Area at Lamys

Rent Our Space

In connection with our kitchen at No. 5 Bistro & Bar, Lamy’s will also offer a private dining space that will accommodate up to approximately 35 people. This space will be ideal for Christmas parties, birthday gatherings, book clubs, and social meetings.

Our historic front hall is as grand as it is historical as it is functional. Inspiring with its size, exposed brick walls, awesome natural light, and dynamic parque wood floor where J.A. (Gus) Lamy officed in the early 1900’s, the front hall serves as the ideal spot for two dear friends to meet and enjoy a conversation or a place for 70 people to rent for a special occasion. Historical and artistic exhibits displayed on the walls change quarterly.

Rent Our Space