History Loves Competing

Competition can be traced back to Biblical times. Cain killed his own brother, Abel, simply because he was angry that his own sacrifice didn’t measure up. We’re not going to be killing anyone over a competition, but we sure are going to brag when we do something noteworthy.

This past fall, No. 5 Bistro and Bar was awarded their second “Best of Sedalia” award for our outdoor patio. This felt like the right time to brag about that because we are gearing up for patio season. This year, we will be implementing something a little different and opening our patio when the weather is above and below certain temps.

This makes dining outside optimal for your comfort and keeps you from having to move tables because it was too hot or cold outside. When you visit us next, you’ll see our new sign and thermometer letting you know if patio dining is an option that day. We look forward to a spring and summer full of starry nights on our award-winning patio. Grab your girlfriends and come on down. After all, history loves company.