History Loves It Neat

Alright. This one’s for our nearest and dearest–our men and women that know a fine spirit when it touches their tongues. Today, we break down the history of whiskey.

It probably comes as no shock to anyone that whiskey was originally used for medicinal purposes, primarily as an internal anesthetic and an external antibiotic. Whiskey originated from distilling barley beer in Ireland and Scotland, where wine was not easily obtained. The distilling of spirits was limited, back then, to apothecaries and monasteries.

Today, whiskey is drunk and made globally, and obviously used for more than medicinal purposes. It also comes in a variety of styles, flavor profiles, and even colors. While there is technically no wrong way to drink your whiskey, higher-end whiskeys are typically enjoyed and preferred “neat.” This means, straight from the bottle, into your glass with nothing else added. Still, there are those who prefer it on ice, possibly with a splash of water added, or blended into a favorite cocktail.

We tend to be a bit traditional around here and prefer ours neat as well, but also know that there’s lots of room for you to enjoy yours in a non-traditional way. This is why one of our most popular cocktails is our house-made Peach Old Fashioned. Combining bourbon, Peach Schnapps, Angostura Bitters, orange peel, and our house-made Lamy’s Luxardo cherries, this new-age twist on an old classic is enjoyed by all. Our only advice is to enjoy it with an appetizer and a friend. After all, history loves company.