History Loves People

People are awesome, aren’t they? We’ve been blown away with community support the last few weeks as Lamy’s was nominated in two separate contests. First, we are up for Best Bathroom in the US! I mean, if ya know, ya know, right? We hate to toot our own horns, but…TOOT! The bathrooms truly are a work of art.

We’ve overheard people walk into the building with guests and say, “Just wait until you see the bathrooms!” It never gets old, and surprisingly, it never feels weird. Yes, the bathrooms are legit.

People Love Best

Second, No. 5 Bistro and Bar is up for numerous local awards in the Best of Sedalia contest! We can’t wait to hear the results, but either way, we are thankful to have been recognized in so many great categories. This is true, on the whole, due to the patrons that frequent our special slice of heaven.

We appreciate you, your business, and your trust in us. We also thank you for voting! That was an INTENSE stack of nominations and we know it took some time to vote.

People are what make this community so great. It was that way since our building went up over 100 years ago. The men and women who worked tirelessly under much harsher conditions than we have today (no AC comes to mind–in a giant steam-powered facility) started a wonderful legacy of faith in our fellow man.

This is how we feel still in 2022 and look forward to many more years of business! Thanks, Sedalia! We invite you to gather up your friends and family and come explore the bathrooms. Don’t make it weird. After all, history loves company!