History Loves Women

March is National Women’s History Month and we’d be remiss not to talk about all of the incredible, resilient women that have worked in this building, walked these halls, volunteered their time, and had a hand in raising all of the children (and men) that have been a part in the successes here inside the walls of Lamy’s.

A peek inside the third floor where sewing machines came to life thanks to these women.

Lamy’s has always primarily employed women. Almost all sewing machine operators, supervisors, inspectors, etc. were women. Today, almost all of our servers, bartenders, and Josey employees are women.

Ginger Stafford Swearingen was the owner and CEO of Lamy’s from 1991 until her death in 2008. She also wrote, edited, and published the Lamy’s newsletter. Lori Swearingen took over writing, editing and publishing during the 90s. Other important women in our history here include:

The Lueck sisters – head supervisors 1960’s

Betty Cable – head supervisor 1970’s

Leora Schupp- head supervisor 1970’s

Norma Williams – head supervisor 1980’s

Evelyn Cureton – head supervisor when we closed manufacturing 1990’s

Katherine Keller – Executive Assistant 1960’s – 1980’s

Katherine Keller’s Office in 1980.

Today, Lori Swearingen is a Community Ambassador for Lamy’s, and Libby Heflin Swearingen is a member of the management team and is the General manager of No. 5 Bistro & Bar and Josey Records. Lou Breshears is the Controller for Lamy’s. Katy Wolfram manages No. 5 Bistro during the day, with Kimmie Finkiewicz managing the bar at night. We are incredibly grateful to work under and alongside so many incredible individuals over the last century. Come say hey to one of these ladies the next time you visit. After all, history loves company!